At Pacific Audio, we have access to thousands of talented and versatile artists and we're sure we can provide the perfect voice for your next project. But we are NOT a talent agent.

We love producing voice reels and gaming reels for up and coming talent too. You don't have to be a trained actor or a final year drama student to have a voice reel though it definitely does help to have some experience of performing. If you have any degree of voice talent, we will manage to get it recorded and produced to a very professional standard. We even throw in some real world advice and some handy tips. There have been a number of success stories of people who gained real voicework from having a voice reel produced by us. It could be you next!

*We've recently been working with a US client on some large gaming projects and as a result can offer some excellent deals on gaming and character reels. Get in quick before it's too late.*

Great new reels for Neil Hardie, Andrew Stevens, Natalie Clark and more.

The voices below are just some that we know and like.

But please note, this page is an aid for our clients who book studio time with us.

If you are going to hire our facilities, we can help you with the voice. Please do not ask for contact details of the artists and then record them somewhere else. That's not how it works!

We've finally re-arranged the voice pages and have freed up some space for new talent. Let us know if you want to fill one of the slots.

Audition each artist by clicking on the relevant link from the selection below. All files are in MP3 format.

(A - K)

(A - K)
Alex Fthenakis Amy Joslin
Alan Bryant Alison McKay
Andrew Hally Annie Grace
Andrew Stevens Amanda Clark
Anthony Quirke Angela Darcy
Bill Findlay Anita Vettessi
Bob Lawrence Ashley Smith
Bobby Robertson Angela Ness
Brian Ford Blanche Anderson
Brian Savin Bev Ashworth
Craig Lawrie Brooke Walker
Charles Nove Caroline Guthrie
Chris Martin Cathy Phillips Brady
Craig Sanderson Carmen Pieraccini
Crawford Logan Caz Tudor
David Andrews Carmen Jongepier
David Johnston Cindy Campbell
Derek Murray Claire Anderson
Duncan Airlie James Clare O Donnell
Donald Pirie Christina MacKay
David McCallion Deirdre Murray
Fareed Badr Daniela Nardini
Edward Mackenzie Diane Brooks
Fergus McCann Deirdre Davis
Gary Grochla Deborah Cooper
Gerry Burke Emma Lindsey
Gerry McDade Elayne Sharling
Greg Friel Elisa Canas
Gilchrist Muir Elizabeth Nicholson
Greg Powrie Emma Claire
Grant Lauchlan Hazel Beattie
Henry Ashton Fiona Nimmo
Harry Ward Fiona McDairmid
Howie Fiddy Emilie Patry
Ian Sexon Gayanne Potter
Ian Plunkett Gemma McLean

Ian Crawford

Hannah Nicol
James Ruskin Hannah Berry
Jordan Wistuba Georgia Blue Ireland
James Smillie Helen Mcalpine
Jason Harvey Hazel DuBourdieu
James Anthony Pearson Irene Allan
Jamie Roberts Ishbel McFarlane
Joe Cassidy Julie Heatherill
Jim Symon Janet Coulson
John Cavanagh Jenni Wright
John Cugley Jennifer Johnston
John Hannibal Jenny Dunbar
Jim Campbell Jenny Farish
John Jack Jo Freer
John Colee Joanne Davy
Jonathan Watson Heather Suttie
Jonathan Clays Julia Jack
Jon Strickland Kristy Davis
Jordan Young Karen Bartke
Kenneth Harvey Kirsty Wellcoat
Kenny Blyth Kirsty Miller
Kevin Parr Kat Harrison
Kieran Moore Linda Orr
Martin McCormick Kirsty Stuart
Marc O Neill Lisa Livingstone

If you are a voiceover artist and we don't know you exist, we'd love to hear from you. Please send an e-mail to:

Let us know all about you - particularly if you're available via ISDN or
local to Glasgow and available to attend our studio.

If you're not a voiceover but think you may have a voice that we should
hear, we'd love to hear from you.