Click here to listen to our Audio ShowreelA showreel is usually a must for audio production facilities. But what is it for? To let the listener hear that we work in stereo? To assure them that we can mix music and effects properly? Isn't that obvious?

We're going to assume that you believe we can work the equipment and instead, let you hear
some of the people who have worked here. Simple.


Click on the picture.


You'll hear David Tennant, Billy Connolly, Ian Wright, John Thomson, Robbie Coltrane, Brian Cox, Carol Smillie, Kelly MacDonald, Alex Norton, Ken Stott, Phil Spencer, Caroline Quentin, David O'Hara,  John Hannah, Daniela Nardini, Gordon Kennedy, Peter Capaldi, Neil Morrissey, Clare Grogan and Ricky Ross.


We hope you'll be impressed. If so, please get in touch - maybe we could work our magic on your next project?